Well, today I took a few minutes to wander around the local Mercedes dealership. Not all that bad a way to spend 45 minutes. Enjoy the cars!

Porsche 911 Carerra 4s

There was a very nice Porsche 911 Carerra 4s:

Ferrari 456 GTA

I was quite fond of this 1998 Ferrari 456 GTA (A for auto-tragic) that happened to be sitting next to the Porsche. Definitely lacks the flamboyant style I like in a supercar, but I’d still drive it. With a front engine v12 putting out over 435hp shoved as far back as they could get it in the chassis, it could take four passengers to 188mph! I’d love to give that a try, but who would ride with me?!

Mercedes GTs AMG

Do you prefer black or red? I really wished they kept the cars a little more presentable for the photos, but then again I didn’t tell them I was coming. I’m not very impressed with the proportions of this car, the SL was way more outlandish. The Red 2018 model has a much better looking grille than the Black 2017, and it’s altogether more ferocious.

Mercedes C63 AMG

This coupe in satin grey was okay. I definitely like the sedan better.

Mercedes AMG CLS 63

This car has a nice color combo with the wheels, but I wasn’t that impressed. It’s pretty boring.

Bonus Rant

I think car makers have a logo problem. Stop making the grille logo so damn big. It looks obscene and disproportionate.

That wraps up today’s excursion. I’m not all that excited about the Mercedes I saw today, but I’ll definitely be making some videos about them in the future. Until next time, try to keep the shiny side up!