StanceWorks Off Road– A Day Journey to Discover Snow

With the hot rod construct and the rush of SEMA, it’s been months given that I had the ability to hit the road and put my Land Cruiser to work. An unsuccessful transfer case from mid-summer left the truck in a mostly unusable state until time allowed for a repair. The post-SEMA dust has settled, however, and now that the FJ60 is back on the roadway, I have actually been eager to get out and earn a couple of brand-new paint chips.

It was just a couple of months back that our good friend Franklin Carriedo acquired an OBS Bronco, and since, he’s been prompting me to make it out on a weekend path run. It didn’t seem right to let 2018 come to an end without hitting the dirt, so on December 31st, we made the fast trip up to Big Bear searching for snow, nevertheless little it might have in fact been.

A cold front moved in on that specific Monday, dropping the temperatures down to the mid-twenties on the mountain, rather cold even for high altitudes in SoCal. A bit of wetness in the clouds produced light snowfall in ideal, attractive snowflake shapes; an appealing indication as we ascended the mountain.

We had no real plans other than hitting the road in between Fawnskin and Holcomb creek, with a couple of spin-offs in hopes of an obstacle or 2. Snow had barely built up at the mountain top; just the shadows held on to remnants of old snow, with wet pavement giving method to the mid-morning sun.

When on the path, the snow started to accumulate a bit more. No real depth to it, to be clear, however the landscapes began to grow whiter as we sneaked further into the hills.

In time, the tracks turned to ice, and traction began to wane. Ultimately, we came upon a locked Jeep on 37s, insisting we reverse, that we ‘d never make it past the obstacles ahead. Naturally, we took it as a challenge and pushed on, dominating the icy rocks with relative ease.

As we continued our climb, the snow grew a growing number of dense, eventually leading us to the winter whiteout we had hoped to find at dawn. While the journey, in general, was somewhat uneventful, it was a terrific way to top the year and to experience the outdoors for the very first time in a long time. With sweethearts, dogs, and fun in the snow, it’s hard to discover a better way to spend a Saturday, and as a solid shakedown for the brand-new driveline components and the shackles on the FJ60, I’m excited for the weekends ahead in 2019. Come June, we’ll be headed for the mountains of Colorado for our week-long journey, with a slew of new goodies for the truck prepared in the interim. Up until then …