BMW AudioA client from Finksburg recently visited Westminster Speed and Sound to ask about upgrading the stereo system in her 2020 BMW 230i coupe. She told us that she wasn’t happy with the amount of bass the stereo produced; the system just wasn’t clear enough or loud enough for her listening style. So we invited her to listen to the sound system we’ve installed in our M235i demo vehicle, and right away, she knew that was the system she wanted in her car.

BMW Speaker Upgrade

We started this BMW upgrade project by upgrading the front speakers in the front doors. The stock stereo in this 230i didn’t include tweeters in the sail panels. So we procured a set of the original-equipment grilles from our local dealer to install a set of tweeters from a BLAM S 100N24+ speaker set in this location at the front corner of the windows. The 4-inch midrange drivers from the set bolt directly into the stock speaker locations in the doors with no modifications required.

Next, we replaced the woofers under the front seats with a pair of BLAM BM 200 XF BMW-specific 8-inch woofers. Like the midrange drivers, these woofers are designed as a drop-in upgrade that doesn’t require modifications to the vehicle.

BMW Audio System Amplifier Upgrade

BMW Audio
The small BLAM amplifier offers BIG power and processing.

The heart of the new sound system is a Match UP 7BMW amplifier. This seven-channel amplifier includes a signal processor that allows us to configure crossovers, signal delays and equalization that optimizes each speaker’s performance in the car. The UP 7BMW is unique in that it plugs directly into the factory wiring in the car so that it can work seamlessly with the original source unit.

This amp can produce up to 65 watts of power per channel to drive the front and rear speakers in the car with great clarity; it can also deliver up to 160 watts to each of the 8-inch under-seat subwoofers.

Once everything was integrated into the car, our team used our audio measurement equipment to calibrate each speaker so that the system sounded fantastic. When the client returned to Westminster Speed and Sound, she hopped into the vehicle for a listen. She was thrilled! The system plays loudly and offers excellent clarity, and she especially loved the improvement in the bass response.

If you’re interested in upgrading the stereo in your BMW, we’d love it if you’d drop by our store on Pennsylvania Avenue and have a listen to our M235i demo vehicle. The system in the car sounded great and was designed at a performance level accessible to most enthusiasts. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with one of our product specialists, give us a call or send our team an e-mail using the contact form on our website.

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