Nothing is more iconic to a BMW than the badge it wears. Often called a roundel, BMW’s emblem has always featured that blue and white pattern representing their home state of Bavaria. However, exposure to the elements can cause that badge to fade and lose its national colors. Replacing that roundel with an original or one with different colors can help freshen up your BMW’s look.

BMW uses two different roundels, depending on the model and location on the vehicle. The BMW F30 3-series we used for this DIY uses one of each type; however, other BMWs will use just one badge type. Ensure you know which kind of badge you need to replace before purchasing a replacement.  

BMW models and years applicable:

  • 2012-2016 BMW 328i
    • Incl. xDrive and GT models
  • 2013-2018 BMW 320i
    • Incl. xDrive and GT models
  • 2012-2015 BMW 335i
    • Incl. xDrive and GT models
  • 2014-2018 BMW 328d
    • Incl. xDrive and GT models
  • 2013-2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3
  • 2016-2018 BMW 340i
    • Incl. xDrive and GT models
  • 2017-2018 BMW 330i
    • Incl. xDrive and GT models
  • 2016-2018 BMW 330e
    • Incl. xDrive and GT models

*Additionally, while this DIY focuses on the F30 3-Series, these replacement processes can be used on any BMW model using these roundels.

How much will it cost to replace an F30 BMW roundel?

BMW has two different emblems, the self-adhering type and the more traditional type that uses pins and grommets. Both emblems come in at the same price, right around $43. The traditional badge requires two new grommets, so add on another $2 or so for those. 

If you want an emblem with a bit more custom style, aftermarket replacements are all over the internet. They range from $20 for cheap eBay replacements to $200 for roundels covered in Swarovski crystals. 

How long will it take to replace an F30 BMW roundel?

Replacing the badges can be a bit tricky. Tight grommets and old glue make for a stubborn removal while not damaging the surrounding paint adds an extra level of caution. With that said, it’s a pretty straightforward process with the right tools. Put aside an hour to swap out both roundels. 

Parts required to replace an F30 BMW roundel:

Tools required to replace an F30 BMW roundel:

How to replace an F30 BMW roundel:

Self-adhering roundel replacement:

The front badge on the F30 BMW 3-series is the self-adhering type and is set into the bumper. There isn’t any point in replacing the roundel if you’re going to damage the paint around it, so use the painter’s tape to mask off around the badge. If you have access to a plastic shipping strap, feed it under the roundel. Then, use that old credit card or flathead screwdriver to pry up on the badge.

Peel the old badge off and toss it in the trash. If you’re having trouble prying the badge up, use a hairdryer or heat gun on the roundel to soften the glue behind it. You need to remove the leftover adhesive, too, so using the heat sources on the exposed adhesive will also expedite removal. 

Use a plastic scraper or old credit card to scrape off the old adhesive. Adhesive remover products, like Goo Gone, will expedite its removal. Clean the mounting surface as best you can to ensure proper adhesion to the new badge. Remove the paper from the new emblem and install it on its locating pins.

Traditional roundel replacement:

The traditional roundels have two dowel pins on the back around the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. Protect the trunk by placing painter’s tape all around the badge. If you have access to a plastic shipping strap, slide it through the bottom of the roundel and out the top.

You should be able to pull the badge off the trunk with the strap. Without it, use a credit card or flathead screwdriver to pry on the badge’s top and bottom, walking it out of the trunk.

The plastic grommets used to hold the roundel in place will remain in the trunk after removing it. Use a pick to pry these out. If that doesn’t work, apply some tape around the grommets and then use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull them out.

Press in the new grommets after removing the old ones, and then press on the new roundel. The new grommets will be tight, so pressing in the badge will require some force.

So there you have it. While replacing the roundel can be tricky, it isn’t rocket science. Some patience and the right tools are all you need. If you’re interested in more DIYs for your BMW, you can visit  and to our YouTube channel.

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