The era of airheads
We have seen many BMW airheads pass our screen here at BikeBrewers. Yet, every time a “new” customised boxer is presented by a builder, we shed a little tear. It seems that the once not-so-popular among bike builders BMW, is now the perhaps the all-time favorite of all. And rightfully so if we may add. Last couple of years we have started seeing a trend in the use of BMW’s very own 80s design cast iron wheels. They have become the new cool trend, and we dig them! Considering the immense popularity of airhead BMW’s, we were blown a bit out of our seat when we found out that Brussel-based builder Max Ingelrest from Hide Brussels managed to source a BMW R100 for less than 1000 Euro (900 USD)! A barn-find by all means.

Deal of the Century
There is a catch to this story though. The motorcycle was in bits and pieces. Max took it out of the hands of someone who intended to rebuild the 1981 BMW R100RT, but never managed to find the time to get really started. The upside of this project bike was that it came with a plethora of original and new parts. The OEM tachometer showed 35.000 km /22.000 miles, which means that this BMW is actually just run-in. A genuine steal if you ask us.

Max has a vision for this motorcycle. It was looking for a combination of café racer meets brat style, brat-café if you will. A simple, no frills, but with a lot of fine details is what he had in mind for this BMW. He spent a lot of time looking for a flat-twin R100 with a monolever. Although Max builds bikes for Hide all the time, this one was special. It had to be a signature bike, 100% Hide, that would be used for both personal pleasure and business. Steel and black was the only way to go.

The works
A lot of work has happened since the moment the R100 rolled into the Hide workshop. Although the final results my appear to be sober, make no mistake, every single detail took effort and careful planning in order to get the fit and finish Max was looking for. Inspired by weathered textures and rat-rods, each piece has been reworked by Max’s hands, with the exception of the paint job, which was outsourced. When we received the list of mods done on this bike, we had to take a breath. We think you will too, so here goes (unfiltered):

On the Handlebar
• Motogadget Mini
• RebelMoto switch (neutral light and start button)
• Small Posh switch for M button and turn signal
• Biltwell Tracker mat black Handlebar with Brooks England Bar tape.
• Custom 3D end Plug with Hide logo
• Motogadget M View Spy
• Customized after-market brake and clutch levers

Front Fork
• OEM fork (lower 8cm) with springs swap and high-density oil.
• Brembo OEM brakes, sandblasted and aviation-grade hoses.
• All sheaths and wires are packed up with black nylon
• Custom Front light from old Honda CB

• Shinko E270 4.5-18”
• Black OEM rims

• Sand blasted and brushed to have a roots texture. 3 layers hight gloss varnish
• 3D Hide logo

• Custom subframe with LED tail light and turn signals
• Black coating
• VonZetti seat
• Custom-made foot pegs (rear and front)
• Sandblasted OEM rear shock
• Many decorative works on various parts

• Full intern restoration (Valve / Piston + rings / full gasket kit)
• Sandblasted crankcases
• Carburettors cleaned and serviced, fitted with K&N filters
• Custom stainless-steel exhaust
• Invert carbs to fit cables with exhaust pipes
• Oil-cooler relocation

• Lithium battery
• Ignition key relocation (under tank)
• All wires wrapped with black nylon tube

If anything, this list clearly shows how much work has been put into this build. In terms of hours spend, Max claims that a whopping 300 hours has gone into this project. The results speak for themselves. There is nothing we like more than a motorcycle with a clean look. Simple, yet stunning. The question e always ask is: how does it ride? Apparently, it rides like a dream. The 1000cc boxer has loads of torque, and with the excess weight gone, it pulls hard. Although we wouldn’t want to ride it on rainy days, we sure would love to rip it around the streets of Brussels.

Photo Credits: Hide Brussels

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Hide Brussels

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