A drink-driver crashed her BMW then went round to a stranger’s house half naked and demanded to be let in.

The woman refused to let Lynsey Pearson, who was wearing nothing from the waist down, inside but removed her car keys from her.

Pearson then became abusive towards police called to help her, labelling one officer a ‘bossy bitch’.

She had downed bottles of whisky and vodka but claimed that she only drank them after driving to the Kirkburton property.

However, Kirklees magistrates rejected her account as not credible and found her guilty of driving while over the prescribed limit.

The incident happened at 3.30pm on July 2.

Magistrates were told that the witness, Sarah Foot, was at her home in Low Town in Kirkburton.

As she looked out of her window she saw a black BMW driven by Pearson, who she did not know, pulling up on her next door neighbours’ driveway.

Mrs Foot assumed that Pearson was visiting them until five minutes later when she heard a knock at her door.

Ben Crosland, prosecuting, said: “She went to the door and saw it was the same female she’d seen drive into the driveway.

“All the defendant was wearing was a zip-up top which covered the top half of the body.

“There was nothing at all on her bottom half, not even a pair of knickers.

“It became clear to Mrs Foot that the defendant was affected by drink.

“She was wanting to come into her house to lie down and have a sleep.”

This request was refused by Mrs Foot as she knew nothing about Pearson and her two teenage children were in the house at the time.

She asked the 49-year-old to go back to her car and she accompanied her, taking her car keys off her before calling police.

Mr Crosland said: “Police arrived and found the defendant sat on the doorstep.

“She tried a second time to push her way into the house to try and lie down.

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“The defendant was very emotional. The officers could smell alcohol on her straight away and she was unsteady on her feet and kept trying to walk into Mrs Foot’s house.

“She became abusive to police, calling one of the officers a ‘bossy bitch’.”

Pearson’s aggressive behaviour escalated to the point that a van was requested to transport her to Huddersfield Police Station and she had to be forced inside.

At the Castlegate station two samples of her breath were taken at 5.30pm, two hours after the initial incident.

The lower reading of these was 106 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath – three times the legal limit of 35 microgrammes.

Pearson, of St Lucius’s Close in Farnley Tyas, claimed she’d drunk alcohol after parking up and turning off the ignition but police found no empty bottles inside her car.

Mrs Foot said in evidence that Pearson appeared slumped down and dazed when she answered the door to her.

She told magistrates: “She said: ‘I need to go to bed, can I come in?’

“I said: ‘No, absolutely not’ and she just looked at me, pleading. She said: ‘I’m tired, I need to go to bed’.

“I led her back to her car and, as she was sitting in there, I got hit with the smell of alcohol.

“I asked: ‘Have you got your car keys?’ and she said ‘yes’ and gave me them.

“She looked up at me and said: ‘Please don’t call police. My husband is a b******d, he beats me up’.”

But Mrs Foot dialled 999, asking her daughter to stay with Pearson while she did so.

At that point a couple arrived in another car and said that Pearson had just knocked down a wall nearby.

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PC Claire Brown was one of the officers who attended at the house and found her in a drunk and emotional state.

She said in a statement read out to the Huddersfield court that Pearson became verbally abusive towards her, calling her a ‘bossy bitch’ and telling her to ‘f**k off’.

A van was requested as she was banging on the door of her police car with her handcuffs so hard that she thought she’d might cause damage.

Pearson then tensed up her body and made it difficult for the officers to move her from the vehicle into the van.

The former medical secretary said in evidence that on the day she was feeling very low so decided to go to the Co-op in Shepley and buy some vodka.

She then went to purchase some whisky as she didn’t think she had enough alcohol.

Pearson said that following this she crashed into a wall because she felt upset at herself and ‘like a failure’ as she’d abstained from alcohol for months.

She then reversed her vehicle and set off home but realised that the steering wasn’t working properly following the crash, she said.

Pearson told magistrates that she then found the nearest driveway, pulled in and drank her bottles of whisky and vodka.

She claimed she took her trousers and shoes off in the car but couldn’t remember why, however no clothing was found by police inside the vehicle.

Despite her claims about her husband being abusive, she described him in court as ‘supportive’.

When Mr Crosland put to her that it was not possible to drink such a large quantity of alcohol in the five minutes she sat on the driveway, she replied: “I can drink alcohol very quickly.”

Mr Crosland suggested that she’d actually consumed the alcohol at home.

He said the real reason she was partially clothed was she’d left her house quickly following an incident with her husband.

Magistrates said they found the evidence of Mrs Foot and police credible and that Pearson had failed to prove that she had drunk the alcohol post-driving.

They were particularly concerned about her being three times over the limit, causing an accident and her behaviour towards police at the scene.

Magistrates adjourned sentencing so that an all options pre-sentence report, including custody, can be prepared.

Pearson will be sentenced on November 14 and was banned from driving in the interim.

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