Paris. BMW Group France vire en tête des ventes de
véhicules électrifiés Premium et des ventes aux entreprises. Les
véhicules électrifiés représentent aujourd’hui 14 % des ventes totales
du BMW Group en France avec une croissance à deux chiffres pour le
mois de juin 2020 aussi bien pour MINI que pour la marque BMW. La
stratégie du BMW Group consistant à offrir la gamme de véhicules
électrifiés la plus large du marché avec notamment le lancement récent
des X1 et X3 hybride rechargeable, délivre les résultats escomptés.

« Nous avons lancé le 2 juillet à Cholet et Toulouse un tour de
France des concessions pour présenter les nouveaux modèles hybrides et
électriques du BMW Group, et nous tablons sur une poursuite de
l’engouement pour ces motorisations dans les prochains mois » a
indiqué Vincent Salimon, Président du directoire de
BMW Group France. « Malgré les deux mois d’arrêt , BMW Group a réussi
à surperformer le marché français de 10 points sur le premier semestre
2020 avec un mois de juin en forte croissance, ainsi qu’à gagner plus
de 2 points de part de segment Premium. La reprise est bien là »
s’est-il félicité.

Munich. As expected, BMW Group sales figures for the
first six months of this year were impacted by the effects of the
temporary closure of retail outlets worldwide. The company delivered a
total of 962,575 (-23.0%) premium BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles
to customers worldwide in the first half-year.

“We are following the development of global demand very closely and
continue to plan for various scenarios so we can respond quickly as
regions around the globe recover from the coronavirus pandemic at
different speeds,” said Pieter Nota, member of the
Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brands and
Sales. “We are seeing a positive development in China, where our
second-quarter sales were once again higher than in the previous
year,” underlined Nota. “Demand for our electrified vehicles also
outperformed the market trend in the first half of the year. Our wide
range of plug-in hybrid models and the new fully-electric MINI are in
high demand among our customers,” he added.

Vehicle deliveries in first half-year by brand

A total of 842,153 (-21.7%) BMW vehicles were
delivered in the first six months of the current year. The
MINI brand sold 118,862 (-31.1%) units during the
same period.

In the first half of the year, a total of 61,652 (+3.4%)
electrified BMW and MINI vehicles
were handed over to customers.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars reported sales of 1,560
(-37.6%) vehicles in the first half of the current year.

A total of 76,707 (‑17.7%) motorcycles were also
sold between January and June.

Strategic decisions on future model line-up bearing fruit

The BMW Group began early with the systematic electrification of its
vehicle portfolio. The BMW Group already offers plug-in hybrid models
in all relevant vehicle segments and occupies a leading role in
Germany and worldwide. Against this background, the company welcomes
Germany’s economic package and expects to benefit from this stimulus,
especially through incentivisation of electrified vehicles. Production
of the fully-electric BMW iX3 will begin in a few months. Next year,
electrification of the model line-up continues with the fully-electric
BMW i4 and the BMW iNEXT. The BMW Group aims to have a total of 25
electrified models on the roads by 2023 – more than half of them fully electric.

The BMW Group has also continued to refresh its model range and
presented the new generation of its sporty two-door BMW 4 Series Coupé
in the premium mid-size segment in late May. The new BMW 5 Series has
also been on the market since June, with numerous design and
technology innovations that underpin its leading position in the
premium upper mid-size segment. THE 5 offers the largest selection of
plug-in hybrids in the BMW portfolio, with five model variants.

The MINI brand’s young electrified product line-up also had a
positive impact on sales figures. In the first half of this year, a
combined 8,587 units (+4.1%) of the plug-in hybrid MINI Cooper SE
Countryman ALL4* and the fully-electric MINI Cooper SE* were sold.

BMW and MINI sales in key regions worldwide

The BMW Group’s domestic market saw a positive trend in new orders –
in particular, for electrified vehicles – at BMW, and especially MINI.
A total of 116,255 BMW and MINI vehicles (-29.1%) were sold during the
first six months; 10.8% of these were electrified.

In the Europe region, a total of 372,428 (-32.3%) BMW and MINI
vehicles were delivered to customers between January and June of this
year. With 40,734 BEVs and PHEVs sold, the percentage of electrified
vehicles stood at 10.9%. With very limited exceptions, all retail
outlets in the region had reopened by the end of the first half-year.

North America

The situation in the US remains mixed and varies from state to state.
By mid-June, all retail outlets had reopened for the first time since
early March. A total of 133,844 vehicles (‑30.6%) were delivered to
customers in the first half of the year; of these, 121,657 (-29.6%)
were BMW brand vehicles.

In China, sales for the first six months of the year totalled 329,069
vehicles (-6.0%). Sales in the second quarter were already 17.1%
higher year-on-year. This continues the positive trend pointing to
recovery in this market since March.

BMW Group sales in Q2 and YTD June 2020 at a glance

BMW & MINI sales in the regions/markets


*Provisional registration figures

1 In connection with a review of its sales and related
reporting practices, BMW Group reviewed prior period retail vehicle
delivery data and determined that certain vehicle deliveries were not
reported in the correct periods. Further information can be found in
the March 12th press release announcing BMW Group’s financial results
for 2019 and in BMW Group’s 2019 Annual Report. As an update of the
information given there, BMW Group has revised the data on vehicle
deliveries retrospectively going back to 2015 in its sixteen most
significant markets.

*Consumption and Emission data:

MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4: fuel consumption
combined: 2.0-1.7 l/100 km, power consumption combined
14.0-13.1 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 45-40 g/km

MINI Cooper SE: fuel consumption combined:
0.0 l/100 km, power consumption combined 16.8-14.8 kWh/100 km, CO2
emissions combined: 0 g/km

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